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Dr. Bhavani Deepthi is a distinguished medical professional  with a MD in Pediatrics and Superspeciality(DM) in Neonatology. Dr.Bhavani Deepthi is dedicated to provide top-notch healthcare and is the preferred choice for parents seeking the best for their little ones. She is well known for her comforting and empathetic attitude towards her patients.

 Dr. Bhavani Deepthi is highly skilled in diagnosing and treating a wide range of childhood health issues. She is experienced in advanced skills in resuscitation of newborns, management of care of Extremely Low Birth Weight babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Our Services

Provide The Best Treatment For Your Child's Health

Our experienced team of pediatricians, healthcare professionals, and staff are committed to providing comprehensive, personalized, and compassionate care for your child’s well-being.

Neonatal Care

Premature and Low Birth Weight newborns need extra help to breathe and get the nutrition they need to grow. Doctors and nurses use special machines to assist their breathing, like a ventilator or CPAP machine. The NICU team works tirelessly to make sure these little ones get all the care they need to become healthy and strong. They also provide important nutrients through tubes in their veins (IV) and use special lights to treat jaundice, a condition that can make their skin yellow. With their help, many premature babies grow up to be happy and healthy children. 

Growth and developmental assessment

we understand the importance of monitoring your child’s growth and development during their formative years.

Treatment of infections

Our dedicated team of pediatricians specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various infections that commonly affect children.

Diarrhoea, cold, cough

we understand that common ailments such as diarrhea, cold, and cough can significantly impact your child’s well-being.

Vaccination services

We are providing comprehensive vaccination services to ensure your child receives the recommended immunizations at the appropriate ages.

Infant & Child Nutrition

we understand the crucial role that nutrition plays in the growth and development of infants and children

Our Facillities

Personal Service & Good Attempt

we are proud to offer state-of-the-art facilities that are designed to provide a comfortable and child-friendly environment for our patients and their families. We believe that a welcoming and well-equipped setting is essential in delivering comprehensive pediatric care. Our facilities are thoughtfully designed to ensure the highest quality of healthcare delivery and enhance the overall experience for our young patients.

Emergency Situation

Chat With Doctor Available Now

We understand the demands of busy schedules and the challenges of seeking medical advice during traditional office hours. Our “Chat with a Doctor” service offers you the flexibility to connect with a pediatrician at a time that works best for you.

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Easier And Friendlier Healthcare For Your Childern

Book In-Person Visits

Our in-person visits allow for thorough physical examinations and assessments. With access to advanced diagnostic tools and medical expertise, we ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans for your child's well-being.

Virtual Care From Every Where

Our virtual care platform allows you to access quality healthcare services without the need for in-person visits. From routine check-ups to non-emergency consultations, we provide convenient care that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.
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Children's Health First

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6th Years Of Caring With Affection

Dr. Bhavani Deepthi’s actively involved in various research publications pertaining to Neonatology.
Dr. Bhavani pediatrician services in Hyderabad are exceptional! As a parent, I am impressed by her profound knowledge and compassionate approach towards children. I highly recommend Dr.Bhavani to any parent seeking top-notch pediatric care in Hyderabad.
Uma Devi

Highly recommended! Dr. Bhavani Deepthi clinic is well-equipped, and her staff is courteous and efficient. Her expertise and genuine concern for children’s health make her stand out as a top pediatrician in Hyderabad.


Dr. Bhavani Deepthi’s clinic at KIMS Cuddles Gachibowli is well equipped and has a welcoming atmosphere. She is always punctual, and we never feel rushed during appointments. Her dedication to children’s health is evident in the quality of care she provides.

Ramesh Reddy
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